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Sam Rayburn Youth Sports

Before youth sports leagues were created, kids would just go out and play. Their parents were not watching them on the edge of their seats, there were no umpires, no championships, and no coaches.  Sports organizations were developed to help encourage this kind of play, but with emphasis on proper skill development.

The following is a great mission statement from another Youth Sports organization that we, at SRYSA, try to emulate:  

A youth membership organization in a sport should strive to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of youth athletes while also reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the playing field. Through participation, [SRYSA] is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of competitive games.

SRYSA is solely dependent upon volunteers.  All officers and coaches volunteer their time, and take on a lot of work to help support our young athletes.  We aim to keep the best interest of ALL our participants in mind at all times.  Please keep this in mind when you have issues or concerns.  


President -Tammy Williams

Vice President of Little Dribblers -Matt Graham

Vice President of Dixie Baseball -Chad Stanley

Vice President of Dixie Softball -Bonnie Mauppin

Secretary -Jackie Graham

Treasurer -Tracy Ivey

Concessions -Kellie Ramer


The SRYSA has a Facebook page.  If you are needing information about Little Dribblers or Dixie Baseball/Softball, that is a good place to get questions answered.

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